Engineering & Design Thinking Camps.

Learn design thinking and solve real world engineering problems!


Fall in love with engineering.

"This class has brought my son more joy than any other class he has ever had. Thank you for tapping into his gifts and talents!"

- Amy, Redwood City parent

Fail fast, learn fast.

Our innovative classes encourage kids to fail and learn fast, getting a crash course in grittiness and highly iterative design thinking.

Immerse in an engineering simulation.

Space Odyssey

with Kiki the Alien

Journey across the galaxy, helping rebuild an alien civilization while chasing down the villain responsible for its ruin!

Frozen Frontier

with Pingu the Nootnoot

Discover the secret behind the frozen frontier, while befriending noot noots along the way!

Jungle Engineering

with Kurubo the Monkey King

Explore Kurubo's Monkey Kingdom, helping him save his monkeys and defeating the villain Dr. Simian!

Desert Quest

with Arlo the Adventurer

Go on an epic search for treasure across the desert with Arlo the Adventurer!

"Lando is simply the best in the market.
My daughter just can't miss any of their sessions!"

- Jess, Palo Alto parent

Developed by industry leading experts.

Blake designed curriculum and learning experiences at Stanford University.

Sarah designs award winning STEM curriculum for millions of students.

Natcha creates worlds and characters kids love, previously at Sesame.

Felix built learning games at Osmo as their Director of Product.

"My daughter absolutely LOVES Lando, and can’t stop talking about it at home."

- Margot, San Mateo parent

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